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Rational Synergy is a software tool that provides software configuration management (SCM) capabilities for all artifacts related to software development including source code, documents.

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IBM Rational Synergy is a task-based, software configuration management manages all artifacts related to software development, including source code.

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See the IBM Rational Synergy for Microsoft Source Code Control Interface readme for system requirements, upgrade procedures, and changes in this version.

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A complete list of configuration management tools can be found at Since UD6 supplies Uniface source code to CM Synergy in industry standard text files (in.

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IBM Rational Synergy is a unified platform that empowers such as libraries, documents, source code, and final software.

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In the subsequent SCM Configuration dialog, specify the local source code locally to files controlled by Synergy – before uploading these to the version control.

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SYNERGY provides enterprise-level change management and including traditional source code control management and a whole lot more).

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Extension for Visual Studio - Telelogic Synergy™ Suite is a product Source code control operations on project files from within Microsoft.