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In Hebrew, Sunday is called Yom Rishon (יום ראשון). This name is derived from the Hebrew word for head, "rosh" (ראש). Sunday leads our week just as our heads.

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How to say in Hebrew words related to Days of the Week. Written WITH Hebrew vowels (nikud). Hear "Sunday" pronounced in Modern Hebrew by an Israeli.

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The first day of the work week in Israel is not Monday, but Sunday (יוֹם On the third day God blessed twice: ‟And God called the dry land.

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Shabbat or Shabbos or the Sabbath is Judaism's day of rest and seventh day of the week, on According to halakha (Jewish religious law), Shabbat is observed from a few .. Most Christians do not observe Saturday Sabbath, but instead observe a weekly day of worship on Sunday, which is often called the "Lord's Day ".

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Today, Saturday is officially called Samstag in all Σάββατο, and this Greek word derives from Hebrew שבת (Shabbat).

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We will rather start with Sunday for a reason. The reason is that in Hebrew, the days are named simply by their numerical order in the week, and a Hebrew week .

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And so on until Saturday which should be 'Day Seven' but instead is known as ' Shabbat'. The word 'Shabbat is similar to the word for seven, but means.

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The language of Hebrew (both ancient and modern) tends to be rather Aside from the normal secular date, we have added the weekday name according to Hebrew custom (with Hebrew meaning and Sunday, Yom Reeshone, First day.