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Comprehensive range of mud-resistant BFOU and RFOU cables suitable for installations such as shipwiring and offshore platforms, to standards including.

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FlexFlame RFOU 0,6/1(1,2)kV P1/P8 Power cable. Subject to change without prior notice. Draka Norsk Kabel AS echographapp.com / echographapp.com

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Flame Retardant Instrumentation cable RFOU(c) /()V, S2/S6/S Flame Retardant power cable RFOU 0,6/1(1,2)kV, P1/P8/P, double braided.

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RFOU power cable, mud resistant to NEK, abs, approved cable, dnv approved cable, lloyds register approved cable.

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RFOU mud-resistant cable is ideal for the fixed installation of power, control and lighting circuits in both explosion EX and safe areas been.

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View the complete range of Offshore Marine Cables – this includes NEK standard BFOU and RFOU cable types manufactured by Prysmian Draka.

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Scankab Cables is Denmark's leading cable supplier and we produce and provides rubber cables to great parts of Scandinavia. The quality of our materials and.