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Permanent resident in commuter status is a special status of green card made available to some residents of Canada and Mexico that work in.

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Commuter status is a type of green card for citizens Canada or Mexico who commute to work in the US. If a person's I was approved, then.

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To become a commuter, the foreign national must have been granted permanent resident status in the United States, typically through an.

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Immigrants who hold a Green Card must live in the United States to maintain their permanent residency status. Permanent residents are free to travel.

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Dear All I would like to further understand what Permanent Resident - In commuter status would entail, would this entitle the holder to possess a.

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An immigrant alien who has been lawfully admitted for permanent residence may employment purposes, be deemed to have abandoned his commuter status.

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By Andrew Desposito, Esq For many individuals, becoming a United States Permanent Resident and maintaining that status is a pretty simple.

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Maintaining Permanent Resident Status A lawful permanent resident (LPR) may be permitted to live in Canada or Mexico and commute to the United States for.