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“Umay” has no English equivalent. “Umay” is more than just fed up or sated. Umay is when you're eating a particular food (say, roast pork), and.

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UMAY. English translation, explanation of the Filipino word. How to say in Tagalog?.

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The Filipino word umay is not easily translatable into English, but let me explain what it means. It is the feeling of jadedness that one gets when.

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You get umay when you cannot take in any more food. It is not the same as “ busog,” which means “full” in English, but umay is more closely.

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8 More Filipino Words That Don't Translate to English. Posted on Aug 30, Suya / Umay[/text_image] tagalog 2 photo 6a [buffer by=”15px”].

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Contextual translation of "nauumay to english" into English. Human translations with examples: ikaw, i do, ants, soul, maha ko, lumigas, palahubog, decsionary.

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Contextual translation of "nauumay in english" into English. Human translations with examples: then, scrap, swero, way on, natuloy, binugbog, sinagtala, move.

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Suya" or "umay" in English means: fed up fed up adj. tired of, disgusted, an- noyed: suyang-suya, sawang-sawa, yamot na yamot tired tired adj.