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Mega Legends, known as Rockman Special (ロックマンスペシャル Rokkuman Supesharu) in Japan, is Mega Man's Final Smash. Mega Man uses the Black Hole.

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Mega Legends, known as Rockman Special (ロックマンスペシャル, Rokkuman Supesharu) in Japan, is Mega Man's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. for.

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The final smash was based on all the different types of Mega Man. The games are called “Mega Man Zero” because it's still a Mega Man.

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A Final Smash is a type of special move in Super Smash Bros. there are some situations where this does not occur, such as with Pac-Man's Final Smash, Super Pac-Man. . Known as Housewarming Party in PAL regions. . In the former's case, it gained Mega Charizard X in Smash 4 before it was reverted back to Triple.

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Mega Legends is Mega Man's Final Smash. Mega Legends (ロックマン スペシャル, Rockman Special) is Mega Man's Final Smash.

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Other Smash Bros. appearance, in Ultimate Final Smash, Mega Legends Mega Man (ロックマン, Rockman) is a newcomer in Super Smash Bros. 4. .. Based on the Beat Call from Mega Man 7, which allowed Beat to appear and rescue.

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I loved the Megaman's final smash, using the different incarnations, Well, chosen ones were called "Mega Men", possessing the abilities of.

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I really hope that this means that Proto Man and Bass make an appearance as Echo Fighters of Mega Man, and their Final Smashes just swap.

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Zero may be Mega Man X's best friend and partner, but that does not . If that was the case, then Axl and Vile should be in the Final Smash line up .. Sure, the series itself are called "Mega Man ZX," but they never use the.

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In this Super Smash Bros Ultimate Mega Man Guide, we'll be taking a . It's called Mega Legends, and summons several characters from the.