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Cost Accounting Ch 13 study guide by d_j__mascali includes 18 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. Quizlet customer life-cycle costs. focuses on.

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1) Life-cycle costing is the name given to: 2) An understanding of life-cycle costs can lead to: 3) Life-cycle budgeting is particularly important when.

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4. Costs are committed and incurred at very different times. LIFE CYCLE BUDGET. Definition: A budget that compares planned costs with predicted revenue over.

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Start studying life cycle. Learn vocabulary, terms, and Log in. Sign up Product life cycle. CLICK THE CARD TO FLIP IT Ch Managerial Accounting .

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Start studying Cost Accounting - Ch. 13 Vocab. Log in. Sign up . Life-Cycle Budgeting. A budget that estimates the revenues and business function costs of the value chain attributable to each product from initial R&D to final customer.

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Start studying Cost Accounting ch. Log in. Sign up . product life cycle. spans the time from initial R&D on a life-cycle costing customer life-cycle costs.

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Start studying Cost Accounting (Chapter 6). Learn vocabulary, terms, and Log in. Sign up What are the objectives of good budgeting? Life-Cycle Budget 5.

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Log in. Sign up -over the product's life cycle all the revenues need to cover all the costs -introduction, growth, maturity, decline . Life-Cycle Budgeting.

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Start studying Tracking Expenses & Budgeting, The consumer life cycle, and earned income and skill demand. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with.