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Keywords: DDR, double data rate, DRAM, SDRAM, termination voltage, step- dowm controller, linear-regulator ocntroller, PWM controller, sink current, source .

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this video walks you through what a ddr termination regulator is, why you would use it, and offers a high-level overview of the ti ddr terminator portfolio. If left uncorrected, reflections may cause the signal's voltage to . The video also goes over a DDR memory block diagram and identifies the TI parts in it.

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The goal when terminating Double Data Rate (DDR) memory The termination style required is based on the DDR memory application.

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released the LP DDR Termination Linear Regulator, offering a linear actual requirements of DDR-SDRAM termination and compare the two . The cause.

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All rights reserved. Embedded systems that use double data rate memory (DDR) signaling, and the need for proper termination can present the board .. By default, the address and command signals three-state during inactive periods.

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ON Semiconductor supplies termination regulators for advanced DDR subsystems. Select, Product, Data Sheet, Compliance, Status, Description, DDR Memory .. shall not take any actions whatsoever that could or would cause the Content.