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According to a CFI's lesson plan on the internet, it comes from the French word for mist, brume.

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METAR is a format for reporting weather information. A METAR weather report is predominantly .. Obscuration, BR, Mist (French: Brume), HZ, Haze. Obscuration .

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And that might confuse pilots who frequently see SS (Sandstorms) DS (Dust Storms) and VA (Volcanic Ash) which I think of as forms of weather hell. So I decided.

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TAFs use the same weather code found in METAR weather reports. KOKC Z KT 5SM BR BKN TEMPO 1.

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Sign Present and Forecast Weather snow pellets. BR Mist. FG Fog. FU Smoke. VA Volcanic Ash. DU Widespread Indicates the end of the report/bulletin.

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SH = showers, PR = partial, TS = thunderstorms,. DZ = drizzle, RA = rain, BR = mist, FG = fog, HZ = haze,. +SHRA = heavy showers of rain.

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BL Blowing BR Mist >=5/8 7RRRR – Hundredths of inches of rain in past 24 hours (Z report) AWOS - automatic weather observing/reporting system.

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State Abbreviations Forecast Models. View additional definitions of meteorological terms and abbreviations at the new National Weather Service Glossary.