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Now let us use the concept of cyclicity to calculate the Unit digit of a number. What is Join our mailing list to start receiving hand-crafted content our newsletter.

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"Unity" means one, so the units digit is the digit in the one's column. Eg. for the number , the 1 is in the hundreds column, the 3 is in the tens column and the 8.

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The point to notice here is that the units digit cycles in a cycle of length four, 3,9,7, 1,3,9,7,1, If you continue the table above for rows then, since /4 =

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For a number with 6 as unit digit, any power will have unit digit 6 hence 22^20, as shown above, will have 6 as unit digit. On other hand 22^3 will have unit digit .

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Units digit of a number is the digit in the one's place of the number. i.e It is the rightmost digit of the number. For example, the units digit of is 3, the units digit.

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So for the problem at hand, the above says that the last digit of is .. the units digit of a number is the same as the number mod

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Saying that we want to have the units digit of the number is equivalent On the other hand, the above algorithm works fine if you are operating.

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If x and y are the tens and the units digit, respectively, of the product , We will multiply a 6 -digit number by a 5 -digit number; We want to know that product's sum of its units and tens digits . Now let's get back to the question at hand.

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The units digit of a product is the units digit of the product is not enough time to perform this calculation by hand.

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The authors of the test do not want you to do the calculations long-hand. Simply multiply the units digit of each number being multiplied and the units digit of.