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plural keratomas also keratomata\ -​mət-​ə \ 1: a hard thickened area of skin produced by hypertrophy of the horny layers: callus. 2: a tumorlike growth of horny tissue on the inner surface of the wall of a horse's hoof.

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Read medical definition of Keratoma. Keratoma: An area of hardened skin, usually called a callus which is usually a response to frictional trauma to the skin.

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Looking for online definition of keratoma in the Medical Dictionary? keratoma explanation free. What is keratoma? Meaning of keratoma medical term.

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Keratoma definition, keratosis. See more. noun, plural ker·a·to·mas, ker·a·to·ma ·ta [ker-uh-toh-muh-tuh] /ˌkɛr əˈtoʊ mə tə/. Pathology. keratosis.

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Mar 13, A keratoma is a rare, benign tumour of the keratin or horn-producing cells. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has also been used to define.

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«Keratoma» A callus is a toughened area of skin which has become relatively thick and hard in response to repeated friction, pressure, or other irritation.

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Keratoma definition: a thick horny growth on the skin, caused for example by rubbing or pressure | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

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A keratoma is a rare benign tumor of the inner layer of keratin-producing as a characteristic-looking area of well-defined loss of pedal bone density caused by.

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Mar 7, Seborrheic keratosis — Comprehensive overview includes symptoms and treatments of this common, noncancerous skin growth common in.

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Sep 5, Diagnosis, removal and treatment of keratoma require that a farrier be seen as a well-defined circle defect (dark) over the caudal aspect of.