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See how easy it is to make crepes. You'll need just 6 common ingredients for these French-style pancakes.

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These French street-food staples can be dressed up with sweet or savory toppings and any number of flavorful fillings. In a blender, combine flour, sugar, salt, milk, eggs, and butter. Using a blender ensures a smooth crepe batter that has the consistency of heavy cream.

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Crepes often get a bad rap for being too delicate or difficult to make, but they are really very simple and a foolproof recipe to master. So today.

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Crepes are one of those essential, versatile recipes that every home cook should know. If you've never made them, it's time to see what you've been missing.

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Go French with Alton Brown's foolproof Crepes recipe from Good Eats on Food Network. Add veggies for a savory version; use chocolate and berries for dessert.

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The perfect crepe recipe -SO easy to make and completely delicious! The best part about these is they can be made right in your blender.