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Back burners—the relationship prospects you keep simmering on your It's a friendship, but it's also kind of a relationship—just not an official.

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friends that you are attracted to, that you flirt with and stay close to, so if be a back burner relationship, cause my attention is focused on Will.

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used to describe a boy or girl of slight interest who isn't exactly qualified to date at the moment, but may come in handy later. thus one places them on the "back.

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"I think the back burner phenomenon largely stems from social media and the unprecedented access people have into the lives of friends, exes.

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When we back-burner our friends, acquaintances, or hookup buddies, we're not leading them on. We genuinely could see a relationship.

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Most people don't even realize they made you the “back burner” friend/boyfriend/ girlfriend. So when it's brought up, most people will have no.

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I'm never anyone's first choice for things. I don't get invited to go somewhere unless I make the effort. I'm never the person someone comes to when they have a.