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CNN: Who is this 4Chan guy? CNN 1,, views NEWSONE | Live Streaming | Headlines | Breaking News | News Updates Newsone.

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CNN: Who is this 4Chan guy? Joe Rogan on 4chan Trolling Shia Labeouf's " He Will Not Divide Us" - Duration: JRE Clips 2,,

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Internet meme creators are declaring war on CNN, after one of their own was They gather in clusters on Reddit, and similar sites like 4chan and . York edition with the headline: An Investigation That Set Off A Meme War.

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Said decision is based on the ground breaking argument that some eu The news anchor was the one that called "4chan" a person and then .. The CNN analyst starts referring to the hacker directly, he never calls the.

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The Reddit user who initially claimed credit for President Donald Trump's tweet that showed Trump tackling CNN issued an apology Tuesday.

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CNN found the Reddit guy that created the Trump "bodyslamming Putting aside 4chan, are any of you actually OK with CNN's behavior here?.

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also known as “The hacker known as 4 Chan”, in which people personify the A similar event later occurred on CNN in a news report about the fappening.

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1 day ago I go to gigs on my own wuite a bit, I just do what I always do; turn up five minutes before the headline is on, buy a beer, go stand in the middle of.

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That's the advice from US news network CNN's "technology analyst" Brett Larson, who also thinks that 4chan is some sysadmin bloke who knew how to "hack . Get The Register's Headlines in your inbox daily - quick signup!.

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The headline for this story is peak It also inspired dozens of threads on 4chan, many of which include threats to hack or doxx CNN.