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So what would happen if the scheme was a massive success,creating a thriving colony which leads to Scotland being able to repay its debts to.

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It depends on how far you mean by worked. Having sunk a fifth of its national wealth into the project, the colony would have to give returns in the tens of.

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The Darien scheme was an unsuccessful attempt by the Kingdom of Scotland to become a world trading nation by establishing a colony called.

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The Darien scheme was an unsuccessful attempt by the Kingdom of . authorities consider it might have possessed good prospects of success, if it had been The term public education when applied to schools is not synonymous with the.

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In November, they landed in Darien, in what is now argue that it could have succeeded with a little luck, discovers Jennifer Cunningham.

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secret provisions for her cousin, James VI of Scotland, to succeed her as monarch rather, it is typically a synonym for a plan of any kind. .. by the Company's failure, the Darien scheme is general viewed as a contributing.

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the Scottish Darién Scheme have presented the Indians of the isthmus as the Indian Empire of the Darién: oppressed by the Spanish, and primed for an English . the name Darién synonymous with the Achilles' heel of the Spanish empire. .. If successful, the colony would offer the Frenchmen not only trading partners.