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But too often, men say one thing and really mean something else — and women misinterpret it all. What she hears: I’m so annoyed at you right now. What he really means: I had a terrible day but don’t feel like talking about it.

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What you say and what she hears in a relationship. of him (read: he's so crazy about her he blows off poker night to spend time with her).

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There's a huge difference between what you say and what she hears (remember Mel Gibson's epiphany in “What Women Want?”) Often, there's nothing wrong.

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What he says what she hears. Whilst men and women hail from different planets, this is most commonly highlighted in our daily.

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What you say and what your wife hears can be two entirely different things. And what she says and what she means can be different too Ask him what he means instead of jumping to conclusions. Otherwise, he'll simply shut down as you.

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I have learnt that few of these reactions aren't intended. They just happen. He says: You look beautiful today. She hears: I have never seen you beautiful before.

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Take it from my friend Adam, "When a girl says she looks fat, all I think is, How can I get out of this conversation as quickly as possible?.