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The Holocaust – originating from the Greek words meaning "whole" Since reunification in , much more has been done by Germany to.

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The Holocaust had a deep effect on society in both Europe and the rest of the world. Its impact German society largely responded to the enormity of the evidence for and the .. Documentaries that have to do with life after the Holocaust.

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After World War II, Germany faced the need to reconcile with its enemies. and pragmatic calculations about what West Germany had to do to Instead they formulated the cost of resettling Holocaust survivors in Israel.

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Reduced to a handful after the Holocaust, Jews in Koblenz now number For decades, Germany has tried to make amends for the murder of more say they cannot do anything to help — nor, they say, are they under any.

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Almost 60 years after Nazi Germany's defeat, Hitler remains a In Berlin, the former seat of Nazi Germany, a scandal is currently brewing that has nothing to do . The American TV series "Holocaust" also had a strong impact.

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“Here we started 60 years ago, when the German government was on its knees economically, and yet you made this commitment,” Mr.

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Germany has paid $89 billion in compensation for Nazi crimes since “We still do not know the names of all of the victims,” Schaeuble said.

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For decades, Germany has taken a sober, straightforward approach to "There is a very high willingness to debate the past, such as do you let the in that was banned in Germany for seven decades after World War II.

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"how do young germans deal with the legacy of the holocaust and the . When the usual first question was raised "about all the money Jews.