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Esophageal spasm is a rare cause of chest pain that can feel like a heart These are uncoordinated spasms that often happen along with.

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Esophageal spasms — Comprehensive overview covers symptoms, treatment of abnormal muscle spasms in the esophagus.

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When this happens, the food gets stuck in the esophagus. Often, symptoms that may suggest esophageal spasm are the result of another condition such as.

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Learn about the symptoms and causes of this condition and how to find When esophageal spasms happen often, they may require treatment.

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Esophageal spasms occur when the esophagus contracts abnormally, and they can be painful and uncomfortable. When they happen, the.

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Esophageal spasms happen when the esophagus contracts abnormally. Learn more about the causes, diagnosis, and how to prevent them.

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An esophageal spasm is a rare disorder that causes abnormal muscle An esophageal stricture occurs when the esophagus becomes abnormally narrow.