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Bertha Mason is a fictional character in Charlotte Brontë's novel Jane Eyre. She is described as the violently insane first wife of Edward Rochester, who causing havoc in the house: starting a fire in Mr Rochester's bed and biting and.

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Jane Eyre /ɛər is a novel by English writer Charlotte Brontë, published under the pen name . Odd things start to happen at the house, such as a strange laugh being heard, a mysterious fire in Mr. Rochester's room She learns that Mr. Rochester's wife set the house on fire and committed suicide by jumping from the roof.

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Jane Eyre, is her depiction of Bertha Mason, Mr. Rochester's first wife, a once- beautiful Creole woman who is ravaged by mental illness and.

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She does bad things, like setting fire to Mr Rochester's bed, ripping up Jane's wedding veil and attacking her brother. “She sucked the blood.

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Not only does Mr. Rochester lock Bertha up, he keeps her a secret Rochester insists that he was planning to tell his new wife the truth .. I just happened to disagree with it. ;) But yes, I do think you're going to enjoy WSS.

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Bertha Antoinetta Mason, Edward Rochester's clandestine first wife, was an essential component to the plot and character development in Jane.

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Sometimes it's hard to keep track of what Mr. Edward Rochester is up to we find out what's been happening to Rochester in the meantime: Rochester looked.