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Ultimate Nick Fury, based on Samuel Jackson also received anti-aging treatment as part of Operation Rebirth, another part of the supersoldier.

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General Nicholas Joseph "Nick" Fury is a fictional character appearing in comic books .. Unlike mainstream Colonel Fury who retains his injured eye despite being legally blind in it with a 95% vision loss, General Fury has actually lost his left.

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But rather because it featured the return of Nick Fury, a character So the film takes place before Fury's eye injury, but the purpose of . “Inclusion has to be a choice; it's not happening naturally,” she explained to InStyle.

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"The last time I trusted someone, I lost an eye" - Nick Fury to Captain America The success of Ultimate Nick Fury, and subsequently Jackson's cinematic Nick Fury, prompted the creation of Everyone knows what happened in the comics.

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Nicholas Fury was born in the early twentieth century and fought for the order to prevent incidents such as the Liberators from happening, dashing Fury's plans. .. in Ultimate Marvel Team-Up) and less visible scarring around his eye-patch.

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Nick Fury Sam Jackson Captain Marvel of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been what happened to Nick Fury's eye. While the Fury still has his damaged eye, Ultimate Fury doesn't, which means when we saw.

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In , Fox television aired the TV movie Nick Fury: Agent of He kept this look (something like Reed Richards with one eye) For example, Wolverine was famously 5'2” in the comics but Ultimate Marvel redesigned the little hairy guy some changes were happening to Nick Fury once again this time.