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Quotes. The Scarecrow: Boo! [sprays a dose of fear toxin at Batman]. The Scarecrow: Aw, having trouble? [Batman starts hallucinating and tumbles backward.

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Lol I thought for a short while that was the guy who played Dennis on It's Always . Dark knight rises Dark Knight Quotes, The Dark Knight Trilogy, The Dark.

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Batman Begins- Scarecrow & Batman Batman Begins Quotes, Scarecrow Batman Lol I thought for a short while that was the guy who played Dennis on It's.

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Batman Begins Quotes. Bruce Wayne/Batman: It's Dr. Jonathan Crane/ Scarecrow: There's nothing to fear, but fear itself! Jim Gordon: I never.

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Dr. Jonathan Crane/The Scarecrow quotes. View Quote. "There is nothing to fear but fear itself." View Quote View Quote. (After having gassed Batman with fear toxin) "Ah, having trouble? Take a seat. More Quotes from Batman Begins.

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Seething with rage, Scarecrow exacted revenge on Batman and Gotham with his .. that everything that happened to Batman's allies was the Dark Knight's own fault, .. Quotes. Batman: Arkham Asylum. "There is no Crane Only Scarecrow!.

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Read Scarecrow / Jonathan Crane (DC) from the story VILLAINs QUOTES by xRavenOfDeathx (Jenna) with reads. A collection of famous quotes by villains of horror movies, comics, thrillers, series and more. -Batman Begins ( ) +.