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And in a way, when they support our team we too feel a sense of pride. team. So who do they support? Ricky Gervais (Comedian) Reading.

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Celebrities and the Football teams they support comedians like to relax and many do so by following some club or another and Peter Frank Skinner is a huge W.B.A. fanatic while Ricky Gervais when not making sitcoms.

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Who is your football club's most famous celebrity fan? Previous slide You celebs are Chris Tarrant, Ricky Gervais and Kate Winslet. CMG.

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But on Ricky Gervais's Wikipedia article it doesn't say anything Lets use this thread to discuss what football teams different celebrities support.

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The Royal Family are certainly split regarding their choice of football team and third in line to the throne Prince Harry supporting North London side Arsenal, as a diehard, while newly promoted Reading have comedian Ricky Gervais and .

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Ricky Dene Gervais is an English stand-up comedian, actor, writer, producer, director, and .. In December , he said he was too busy to do his tour due to producing two films. . in the video game Grand Theft Auto IV who performs at the Split Sides comedy club on the virtual stand-up stage and as an interviewee on the.