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The Charlie Charlie challenge is a modern incarnation of the Spanish paper-and- pencil game called Juego de la Lapicera (Pencil Game). Like a Magic 8-Ball.

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He still sparks fear and fascination in western Pennsylvania. But Charlie No-Face was a real man named Ray Robinson. This is his story.

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These cautionary tales have a seed of truth hidden in their center to boost their believability, like the Charlie-No-Face urban legend and the true story behind it.

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WATCH: We've Never Seen Charlie Puth Look SO Nervous And He's Only Playing Pie Face! Charlie Puth Plays Pie Face. Charlie Puth takes part in the LEAST.

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Not once in the show's entire five-season run. Even in the handful of episodes in which the character of Charlie Townsend appeared on screen, his face was.

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Charlie Shorts: Versatile and rugged, these shorts span the gamut for all- mountain, epic off-road or short commutes. The style and fit look good while you' re.

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A YOUNG girl claimed she was possessed by a demon when her face and body swelled up after playing a terrifying supernatural game.

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You can customize the appearance of the watch face by selecting the layout, colors, and additional data. You can also download custom watch faces from the .