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Wazoo definition is - anus. How to use wazoo in a sentence.

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Both up and out can be used in conjunction with the wazoo, and both imply too much of something. In this context, the wazoo is a slang term for.

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I was video-documenting on my cellphone like a goddamn wazoo. The extreme variability of slang ('wazoo') allows it to be used productively.

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The Wazoo is an animal park in Perth (Short for Western Australia Zoo), which has become so unpopular due to it's poor treatment of animals, that the park has .

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Not so “wazoo,” another reference to one's posterior. As with “ying-yang,” the phrase “out the wazoo” means an abundance. One can also claim.

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Here's your answer according to The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition. NOUN: Vulgar Slang The anus.

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echographapp.com its just a slang word.

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Well, the word "wazoo" meaning "ass, arse, bottom", plus coupled with I'm not exactly knowledgeable of English slang, since I've never been.

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Apr 13th – by Wazoo Survival Gear The look of these buckles is exactly what we've been shooting for and the durability is outstanding! And this is just.

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SANTA: (To audience.) lf she does that she'll flood the workshop! WAZOO: Exactly. (TROLL #1 runs back in.) TROLL #1: The window is open, Wicked Wazoo!.