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For whom Christ has forgiven there is peace and joy, not condemnation. Many have not allowed “What Dreams May Come” addresses this issue (in-directly).

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Movie Review: What Dreams May Come. Reviewed by Protopresbyter David Cownie. Directed by Vincent Ward. Starring Robin Williams, Cuba Gooding Jr.

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This spiritual adventure film, with a screenplay by Ron Bass based on a book by Richard Matheson, boldly begins with the idea that eternity is similar to the.

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ago seeing the movie What Dreams May Come, and though looking I suppose one could make the parallel of Christ coming to our world.

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A truly beautiful and imaginative film. Christian C. Super Reviewer. "What Dreams May Come" truly conveys a very dreamy and colorful world.

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What Dreams May Come [DVD] [] Robin Williams (Actor), Cuba future reviews tied in perfectly with the film What Dreams May Come – so I was The character Christy 'Christian' (played by actor Robin Williams) falls in.