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Top definition Still, you can't stop sending him salacious text messages and emails (at work, on vacation, early in "Looks like Trouble" Used to holler at a girl.

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It could mean very simply that you look like the kind of person who would cause trouble or bring problems into another person's life. This could.

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It could mean a few things. It could mean that you like someone trouble follows wherever you go, it could be that she's flirting with you saying you look like.

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My comeback to the "You look like trouble" would have been "only to be careful with you, you look like trouble" that would be an IOI, this is an.

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If you use the "you look like trouble" line on a girl, and she says "i'm not trouble, i' m a "Does that mean you're boring/don't like to have fun?".

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He's so attracted to you that he could see him doing stuff that he would otherwise find dumb, like grand romantic gestures. Maybe he's just so.

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It's a backhanded way of saying, I like you. and I'm attracted to you. who might look a little "edgy" or "slutty" — again, depending on context. . "hello little troublemaker" or hello trouble for short. you can apply it to adults too.

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When I call someone trouble, it means I think he's going to play me. What does I would take it as a good thing. "We always want what we can't have. Actually , I see some duality between the "male" and "female" versions.

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Mostly everything a man can say can be interpreted, where as trying to figure out a However, if you're having a bit of trouble figuring it out, we can help you get started. Here are 30 things guys tend to say and what they actually mean: Then he'll just be straightforward and say he thinks you look chubby.

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How would you define "trouble"? This post is dedicated to the creepy guy on the street who told me I looked like trouble. Read on!.