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A close-ratio transmission is a vehicle transmission in which the difference between the gear Alternately, a wide-ratio transmission requires the engine to operate over a greater speed range, but requires less shifting and Again, the defining issue is the overall spacing of gears between 1st and in this case 6th gear.

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What do these terms mean, and which is better for a quarter-mile race A: A wide-ratio transmission has a more drastic change in gear ratios.

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30 years ago I owned a '69 Z/28 with a close ratio Muncie 4-speed. I also owned a '67 What are the benefits of using close ratio over wide ratio? The reason I ask is that Less multiplication means it can handle more input. On the Fords, or To me, wide ratio is the only way to go. I have a wide ratio.

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So what does having a wide or close ratio manual shift transmission mean anyway? First of all it has nothing to do with how close or wide your shifter moves .

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A wide ratio will give you lots of speed on fire roads, ect., but is harder to utilize in single track. Or does it depend on your preference, venue.

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Close Ratio gear box is slight advantage for racers with smaller power band tuned engines- but that often means a 6 speed transmission or.

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C3 Tech/Performance - What is the difference between wide ratio and close ratio four speeds. - I have the M20 transmission in my car but was curious of the difference, and what does close and wide mean in respect to the gear.

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I think there were three Muncies two close ratios and one wide. Close ratio means the gear spacing is closer together ( first) then the.

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What is the difference? which is better? With rear end gears would a guy want close or wide ratio? What is you had All 4-speed muncie ratios end at , so close ratio means your first gear won't be as deep. That's fine in something like a big . Recent Transmission - Rearend posts with photos.