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Similar to a sweets table, a Viennese hour is another type of dessert buffet for It is meant to be an opulent and lavish display of just about every dessert item.

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There are some fancy words related to wedding cuisines, so we put together Translated as "Service in the Russian style," this means that waiters serve from Many couples are opting for this extended dessert hour, which.

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I'm seriously considering having a Viennese Hour at our wedding however Whoops, I didn't mean the viennese hour would only be 30 mins.

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Viennese table definition, a dessert buffet, as at a reception, featuring a variety of The Word Possible Changes Headlines · Can You Translate These Famous.

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The Viennese hour/table is a massive selection of desserts. Typically they are also “attended” meaning someone is there helping serve or even making desserts.

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A "Viennese Hour" is and Italian tradition. It's a (sometimes elaborate) collection of after dinner desserts, assorted cakes, pies, Italian butter.

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At one time, you would have found the Venetian table primarily at Italian weddings. It appears after dinner is finished and the cake has been cut, a late- hour climax to The Viennese table is a different type of dessert buffet that appears at.

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Explore Danielle Long's board "Wedding - Viennese Hour - Reception" on How cool would it be to have a cake, and then the rest of the dessert table to go with.

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Wedding Cakes, Viennese Hour and Dessert Tables | See more ideas about Recipes, Cocktail and Food. Can I marry myself just so I can have a bcon bar in .

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Here's how to organise a Venetian hour on your wedding day and why you The first thing you should know, is that a Venetian hour is a.