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The flag of Vermont consists of the state's coat of arms and motto. The Vermont General While the pine needle supporters of the coat of arms are represented The U.S. flag did not change in that way, resulting in the Vermont flag having.

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The Vermont state flag has a blue background with the coat of arms in the center. This has been The coat of arms has many symbols that represent Vermont.

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Vermont's state flag was authorized in ; it features the state coat of arms, crest, motto, and badge against a field of blue; focus on nature and agriculture.

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The pine tree in the center represents the abundant forests in Vermont. A cow and sheaves Before , the state of Vermont did not have an official state flag.

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Vermont State Flag large size graphic image and history.

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Vermont's state flag was adopted on June 1, The pine tree represents the forests in Vermont, and the pine-needle supporter.

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The Vermont State Flag: The history of the flag and its adoption as the official flag. Proud to be a member of the United States, the first Vermont Flag, a state . way it does, what some of the flag's symbols mean, and odd facts about that state.

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Vermont state flag Vermont. Bookmark and Share. Vermont State Symbols, Songs, and Emblems State Names, Flags, Seals, Songs, Birds, Flowers, and Other How Do I? includes answers to questions such as "How do I find my Who Represents Me? offfers an interactive map of Vermont to find your.

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Legend has assigned the following meaning to the coat of arms images: Flags that did not include a blue field and the state seal or coat of.