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Means Show Me Your Name Dont Worry. what does untick means. Ramez Hinn · over 1 year ago. Means Show Me Your Name Dont Worry. View more.

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It means to come off anonymous xD. what does untick mean? please tell. Kavayaa Ruparel · over 1 year ago. It means to come off anonymous xD. View more.

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Unticking on echographapp.com is when you untick the "anonymous answer" box to show your name that you've put in your profile so the answerer knows.

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How to untick on ask fm what is the function of this Hi, Translation means you are converting a word from one language to other language Eg: If you dont know .

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In echographapp.com we don`t know the person who asks echographapp.com if I want to tell that its me then he .. "What is the meaning of untick in echographapp.com?~i dont what is the meaning.. .".

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Pen drive is a form of storage device use in storing data for future use and can be transfer .. Means people says please untick this so what is meant by untick??.

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When you send a broadcast message (BC) to all your contacts people may ask you to `Untick` them or they might put it in their name, it just read more.

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echographapp.com is a website on which you can ask any question to a particular person by hiding your echographapp.comlly,the person whom you ask question don't get idea.

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What does "" untick "" means on echographapp.com?? cuz i m new on echographapp.com and The "tick" or "untick" means to put in or take out the checkmark or 'x" in.

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echographapp.com is a social networking website set up in a question and answer format Blocking someone, however, does not mean that they go away.