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The blue-eyed darner is a dragonfly of the family Aeshnidae. The blue-eyed darner is a common dragonfly of the western United States commonly sighted in the.

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DESCRIPTION: The Blue-Eyed Darner, Aesha Multicolor, is a large dragonfly ( about 2 1/2 inches long), and can mostly usually be found in sunny, low-elevation .

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Thanks to their large size and beautiful blue eyes, the Blue-Eyed Darner is easy to spot and identify. The blue and black coloring on the.

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Newly discovered in Wisconsin, the blue-eyed darner is very similar to the spatterdock darner, which is the only other member of the genus Rhionaeschna that is.

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The blue-eyed darner is one of California's earliest emerging spring A Rhionaeschna multicolor blue-eyed darner, Aeshna multicolor.

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Simply stunning colors nature is always amazing! .. Fabulous Fungi ~ Blue Pixie's Parasol (Mycena Interrupta) -- these look like a beautiful shade of blue gel .