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Define submarket. submarket synonyms, submarket pronunciation, steadily eroded occupancy--and in some cases, effective rent growth--during the quarter.

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Definition of submarket in the Financial Dictionary - by Free online English is Manhattan's best office submarket, and historically, its Class A rents back that up.

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What are markets, sub-markets and product-markets? You will notice that the first definition is quite straightforward and tightly defined as it defines a market.

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A submarket is broadly defined as a distinct part of a larger market. In the commercial real estate context a submarket can be a neighborhood or.

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submarket: A geographic, economic, or specialized subdivision of a market.

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submarket definition: nounA geographic, economic, or specialized subdivision of a market. adjectiveBeing below what is usual in a particular market: submarket.

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Definition of market rent: The generally accepted price to lease a space for residential or commercial purposes. For example, a square-foot office.

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70, new households are excluded from the market every year. How will sub -market rental housing will leave a gap of a formula, but the definition of 'high.

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Definition of fair market rent: Amount of money a property would rent or lease for if it was available at this time. The fair market rent is used by the Housing and.