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What the heck does "squidgy" mean? (sorry, I'm American and words like " squidgy" are not in our vernacular).

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Related Questions. Do guys prefer soft jiggly bum or toned firm bum? lol? What does it mean if you have a squidgy bum? How to get a nice firm.

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Half way between hard pellets and squidgy (too much soft fruit in diet) turd. A kind of Top definition Anytrhing george bush says is cornier than bum chunks.

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What's the meaning of the phrase 'Squeaky bum time'?. The tense, final stages of a competition. What's the origin of the phrase 'Squeaky bum time'?. Squeaky.

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Softness is a characteristic that men seek out and appreciate in women. You think: OR (and this is EXTREMELY unlikely) He thinks you have a soft bum.

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PERT, saggy, wide, tiny – bottoms come in all shapes and sizes. Most of us think we've got a bum deal, but having a round rump can mean a.

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Megan says her favourite part of her body is her bum because it's “pert and squidgy” although she gets a lot of flak about her Angelina Jolie-.