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Pro-nationalist definition, a person devoted to nationalism. See more.

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With America we can't even be certain that Nationalism and Globalism are median income was high, per capita purchasing power was excellent and the.

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Natalism is a belief that promotes the reproduction of sentient life. The term comes from the Latin adjective for "birth", nātālis. Natalism promotes child- bearing and parenthood as desirable for social Immigrants are generally not part of natalist policies. Paid maternity and paternity leave policies can also be used as an.

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But one salient characteristic is unmistakable: The pro-Uncle Sam, protectionist Nationalism can contribute to human progress and freedom and . their language, Rutland says, "to try to appeal to the patriotic median voter.

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that the pro-natalist rhetoric does not have an economic significance for the .. Figure 4 pictures the actual and the projected medium variant population levels.

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Fertility and the Family: An Overview of Pro-Natalist Population Policies in Singapore Most importantly, aggressive pro-natal action would entail a significant While in Singapore, the median age of marriage for women increased from