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Top definition. parasitic lifestyle he lives a parasitic lifestyle and is totaly dependant on his Babys momma Get a parasitic lifestyle mug for your guy Yasemin.

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That is the definition of a parasitic lifestyle. I do not depend on anyone, financially , apart from the person who pays my salary or the government who loans me.

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Posts about parasitic lifestyle written by granonine. Sociopaths can actually function well in society, where psychopaths tend to find social.

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It has been said that the inverted narcissist leads a parasitic lifestyle, but what does that really mean? While the above definition holds true for.

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Posts about Parasitic lifestyle written by psychopathmylove. he causes, and that lack of feeling means that he is able to re-offend without much thought or care.

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“A parasite is an organism that lives on or in a host and gets its food from of parasitism explains their need to “feed” on others as a means of.