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National insurance (NI) category X is used when an employee's earnings remain below the Lower Earnings Limit (LEL) threshold in a particular pay run.

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(NI) contribution rates for tax year to , what NI category letters mean. Most employees have category letter A. Employees can find their category letter on Employers use category letter X for employees who don't have to pay .

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There are a couple of employees who have always been paid under the LEL and therefore had the NI letter X. As the Basic PAYE tools doesn't.

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Full information and guidance on NIC Category Letters in BrightPay UK An employee's National Insurance category letter is dependent on their age and.

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The National Insurance number is a number used in the United Kingdom in the administration The format of the number is two prefix letters, six digits, and one suffix letter. a temporary insurance number, which followed the format "TN dd mm yy x", where 'TN' stands for temporary number and is static and x is M for male.

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Note that you do not pay NIC on pension income. What checks should I carry Letters in tax codes. The letters used in tax codes often will not mean much to you . .. Tim's actual tax liability is £12, x 20% = £2, Heather.

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Britain's antiquated NI system is failing and thousands may have paid too much. HMRC 'misses £4,' from letters explaining where tax goes at £4, ( £ x 53 x 12 per cent) before the take drops to two per cent.

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In the second equation, if a and b are constants, then a is a coefficient of x 3, and b is a coefficient of y 2. It is customary to use lower-case, italic letters from the.

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Each year, you should receive a letter telling you your tax code for the year The wrong number will mean none of your NI payments clock up.