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2. when some dumb fuck types "haha" wrong and types "jaja" instead. In German the word Ja (Yes) used twice in succession means "Kiss My Ass". American.

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See authoritative translations of Jajaja in English with example sentences and ¡Jajaja! ¿De veras fuiste a la escuela vestido de payaso?Hahaha! Did you.

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Translate Jaja claro que si. translation. Explore the translation word-by-word. Learn a new word each day. Did this page answer your question? Yes. No.

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This page tells you how to say 'Yes' in different languages. Sï. Hungarian. Igen. Icelandic. Já. Ido, Yes. Indonesian, Ya. Interlingua. Si as accurate as possible please remember that this list is a guide only and Wolfestone Translation do not.

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Nothing. Ja ja means Yes, yes in German, and Russians are fond of saying it because of the number of times they have heard it in movies.

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si means if while sí means yes. The accent is an important distinction.

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Si is a little French word that mainly corresponds to three little English words: "if," "so However, si only means "yes" in a very specific context: when someone is.

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at a semantic level: “Jaja c'est difficile” (yes, yes, it is difficult), “The eggs were verschwunden” English si, oh ja, Svizzera si, Svizzera si fat zingher zingher no” .