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"Jawohl" is a normal German word, used as a strong affirmative. It doesn't have a specifically Nazi background, but one of its main uses has.

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German, military: The only (correct) answer to any (reasonable) order given by a superior rank (or any other rank in a Do this and that! Get a jawohl mug for your Facebook friend Helena. 2. jawohlunknown. Meaning: Affirmative, Yes.

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Contents. 1 German. Etymology; Pronunciation; Interjection From ja (“yes”) with the emphatic wohl placed after it, meaning "it is willed".

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Jun 1, I really know no context where “Jawohl” makes sense in form of “Yes, I will do” Instead, as former mentioned, in context of military it means “yes, sir” (saying that .

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Jawohl is stronger than ja and nowadays usually used in a military context as . The military meaning can be conveyed with it, but with slightly less vigor, I know that people use when their football team does something well.

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Sep 12, What does the expression 'ja wohl' exactly mean? German. If it's an answer to a question "jawohl" just means "yes" but the speaker implies a.

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German to English translation results for 'jawohl' designed for tablets and mobile devices. Possible languages include English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish.