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May 24, If you've ever wondered whether celebrities insure parts of their body team likely did it knowing every entertainment reporter would leap on it.

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Jun 1, Entertainment companies do insure the bodies of their celebrity cash To get insurance for a particular body part, though, you'll probably need.

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Aug 1, However, the cost of doing so does put it out of reach for most Insuring a specific body part seems like something celebrities do to get into the.

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Nov 15, In the case of celebs insuring their body parts they are protecting against the deminished earning . Why Jennifer Lopez did a great marketing insuring her butt?.

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Heidi Klum has insured her legs for $2 million (each!), James Bond star Daniel Craig has Take a peek at more stars who have insured their famous body parts .

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Sep 16, Honestly, I haven't stopped laughing at this title since I thought of it. Have you ever wondered how much it would cost if you really did go out.