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Disciplining gendered bodies is the practice of conforming one's body to society's standards and expectations. There are various visible ways in which people.

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son's body does gender; sex does not simply passively possess . do all the nonverbal forms mean when combined in a body's performance?.

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With the retreat power of religious framework to define the values, appear the body increasingly as an objective of understanding, describing, as well as control .

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Further, gender is instituted through the stylization of the body and, hence, must be In claiming that the body is an historical idea, Merleau-Ponty means that it.

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the male and the female bodies that the edifice of gender inequality is built and . presentation of bodily self in everyday life are clearly defined and we.

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We begin by understanding what the body means to wom en's lives in their bodies experience gender construction, where girls are taught to acquire gender .