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g3fca2a's meaning is the one thing in the cheer world that hasn't been . just because you know what it means does not mean you'll ever have.

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I hear about this G3FCA2A thing and dunno what it means. I know it's a secret but since it is, can someone E-mail it to me? I don't wanna seem like such a noob to my cheerleading quad.

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G3FCA2A means friends, family, forever cheer athletics above itall. The term is used by both What does 'cheers' mean in Scottish? In Scottish Gaelic, the word .

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WHAT DOES g3fca2a mean? Am I the only cheerleader who doesn't know what WHAT DOES g3fca2a mean? Am I the only cheerleader who doesn't know.

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I do however want to start one with the team I coach. Only problem is I don't even have a clue of what they typically stand for or where to start. . I've not told anyone what G3FCA2A means, but I know other girls have, and the.

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why can you say what BABS means but not g3fca2a?? i totally get that it holds a What does G3FCA2A mean? what does BABS stand for.

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Okay so like I've been doing cheer for a long time like 5 years and I recently just had to quit because I was moving and I'm going to start going.

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I don't feel right giving the gyms personal information out on tumblr, if you want to know then I mayyyyyy tell you if you come off anonymous.