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Yet, I have continued to do it—drift through life, half asleep. Recently, I've become semi-obsessed with what it means to live a happy, full life.

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the following is from www/echographapp.com) Signs You're Drifting Through Life You don't have a plan. Because you may know where you want to go, but if you.

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It means consistently crafting your message and becoming better and better at what you do through deliberate practice. That's the way life.

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I remember the time I recognized that I was drifting through life. Or that what you're doing has no importance to you, has no meaning for you. That what you decide to do, and even think and believe, is based on the beliefs.

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To find happiness when you do not trust your heart enough to follow it. Following your heart means to do as you feel, Which I like to call floating.

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Too many people just drift through life, going with the flow, never having any How do you choose to set your sails, are you going to allow the wind to blow you .

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1 day ago Yes i am doing the same, just drifting through life with no real aims or goals. I do feel many a times, that people are going through life and fulfilling their dreams a ton more than I Or what "advance" actually means to me.

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Do you know that feeling when your just floating through life? That's what I I' ve always been the "backup" friend if you know what I mean.

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Feeling lost, with no idea what to do? Our daily actions have a huge impact over our feature. See what drifting through life means and how to.