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For example, a certain textbook explains "fallacy" as "an unreliable inference". In our view, this definition of fallacy is rather narrow, since we might want to count.

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Clear examples and definition of Fallacy. If logic was a sport, fallacies would be the fouls or errors. Fallacies violate the rules of logical thought, but often seem.

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A fallacy is the use of invalid or otherwise faulty reasoning, or "wrong moves" in the construction . In informal discourse however, logical fallacy is used to mean an argument which is problematic for .. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

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Focusing just on fallacies in sense (a) above, namely A complaint with this definition is that its requirement of truth.

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Additional details about some of the fallacies are found in Sections 2 and 3. As an initial working definition of the subject matter, we may take a.

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No unified theory of fallacy has been proposed, except in an exceedingly superficial manner by negative definition. I.e., a fallacy is said to be incorrect reasoning.