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What is depth of discharge and why does it matter? Compare metrics from top solar battery manufacturers' products.

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Depth of Discharge (DoD) is an alternate method to indicate a battery's state of charge (SoC). The DoD is the complement of SoC: as one increases, the other.

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DOD, or depth of discharge, is one of the concepts that needs to be understood when dealing with solar batteries. Solar batteries, also known.

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DOD, short for the Depth of Discharge, is used to describe how deeply the battery is discharged. If we say a battery is % fully charged, it means the DOD of.

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For example if you have a amp hour battery and use 50 amp hours you have discharged the battery 50% which means the depth of discharge is 50%.

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What is depth of discharge and how should it play into your choice of a useable 10kWh of energy; maximum DoD limitations mean that it may.

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A battery that is at percent SOC is at 0 percent DOD. A battery at 80 percent SOC is at 20 percent DOD. The table below provides a more complete view.