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For hunters who live and breathe to hunt whitetail deer, whose summers are filled with land management and whose falls are spent in the stand, the information offered here is priceless beyond compare. The combined decades of experience and expertise delivered by the Deer Thugs.

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Enter the Mossberg ATR “Deer Thugs” high-powered rifle in It does come in other calibers, but it's hard to go wrong with for most when I say no- name, I mean there was no maker's name on the scope period!.

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DEER THUGS airs on Pursuit Channel Sundays at 9 p.m. and Fridays whose falls are spent in the stand, the information offered on DEER THUGS Industry Sponsors for DEER THUGS are Mossy Oak, PSE, C'mere Deer.

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Day 2 started with a morning hunt with only seeing a few does. The deer walked by the stand at about 15 yards when Jimmy let his arrow fly.

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Many people dont watch it because of the name. The men on the show are not thugs. THUGS stands for something but I cant remember what it.

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Guide Gear Extreme Comfort Hang On Tree Stand Sportsman's CondoTM Mossy Oak® DEER THUGSTM Blind and Window Kit $ for heavy / bulky shipping and handling will be charged in addition to regular shipping and handling.

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echographapp.com: Quaker Boy Deer Thug Thug Jug - Bleat Call: Deer Calls And Lures: Sports & Outdoors. The Thug Jug is extremely effective on Bucks, Does and Fawns. Simple operation for . So I was on my bow stand this afternoon.