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Chitted potatoes ready for planting Photo: Jonathan Buckley One of the first jobs of the veg gardening year is to start to force and chit some potatoes. Having said that, I'm adding 'Maris Piper' to my potato list this year.

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Every year that I garden, I try to find new and easier ways to do things. One of my more recent discoveries is Potato Chitting. Read this post to.

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Most people chit their potatoes in January or February so they can plant in March The eyes (little indentations where the potato sprouts) should facing the top.

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Each seed potato has a more rounded, blunt end that has a Plant your chitted potatoes when the soil has started to warm up.

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Potato Chitting: No, that's not a typo - this is the third in my grow your own series - Potato chitting is one of those things that some grow-your-own types like and.

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Chitting is a great help for potato growing in regions that have short summers. To chit your spuds, place the seed potatoes in a single layer in a.

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What does 'chitting' potatoes mean and what are the benefits? Join Monty at Berryfields as he gives a definition of chitting potatoes and explains how chitting .

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Are you chitting comfortably? It's time to grow potatoes: Emma Cooper reveals the mysteries of making spuds sprout. Emma Cooper. Thu 5 Feb.

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To make matters more confusing, they only tested two varieties of spuds, meaning it is difficult to extrapolate this out to other potato varieties.