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This new bar is a total candystore, that girl can't be a day over fourteen; look at the This could mean a gay bar or any other place of homosexual fellowship.

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A girl that is really pretty and sexy. Top definition. candy shop girlfood. A girl that is damn that candy shop girl is fine, i wonder how much it'll cost. by estilo.

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A happy place where innocent little children go to buy candy! Shame Top definition Go 'head girl dont you stop. Candy Shop (in 50 Cent Terms) is NOT : 1.

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Its basically saying that she is a brat. You are suppose to picture an obnoxious girl standing in a candy store begging.

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"Candy Store" The parents are away, the teens are raging, and "big fun" is in store. "Dead Girl Walking" Speaking of sex, after Veronica causes a scene . Upcoming Equity Auditions for Newsies, Mean Girls, Anastasia.

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Definition of be like a kid in a candy store in the Idioms Dictionary. be like a kid in a candy store phrase. What does be like a kid in a candy store expression.

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Tell me there's a way to do this / I just wanna kiss your hot lips / Girl you make me melt like chocolate / Jaw breaker you got the kiss that I wanna savour / Oh.