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Top definition. boom shakalaka Get a boom shakalaka mug for your sister-in- law Sarah. 2 BOOMSHAKALAKA BOOMSHAKALAKA BOOMSHAKALAKA".

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a term that means totally awesome. like unbelievably, completely, stupendously, Top definition Get a boomshakalaka booyakasha mug for your brother Bob.

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LeBron charges toward the basket and—BOOMSHAKALAKA!—slams down a dunk! Boomshakalaka is an interjection that expresses dominance, triumph, or joy.

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Boomshakalaka, boom shakalaka or boom shaka-laka is currently a boastful, teasingly hostile exclamation that follows an achievement such making as a slam .

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Shakalaka may refer to: Music[edit]. Boom Shaka Laka, reggae song by Hopeton Lewis; "Boom Shack-A-Lak", song by Apache Indian; Boom Shakalaka, a chanting musical number from Muppet Treasure.

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How did the word boomshakalaka come into being - trivia question /questions answer / answers. The term "boomshakalaka" was a part of Sly and the Family Stone's song, However, there is a third meaning of the word.

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Definition of Boomshakalaka in the echographapp.com dictionary. Information and translations of Boomshakalaka in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions.