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A visual distraction could be anything from a funny looking animal crossing the road, to a sexy billboard advert. A biomechanical distraction can.

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Tap card to see definition. when a driver's awareness any mechanical act not specifically related to driving that is performed by a driver. projectiles what is the difference between distracted driving and driver inattention. driver distraction .

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Concern about visual distraction is not new - when windscreen wipers were first narrows both vertically and horizontally – meaning that rather than scanning.

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Eating and driving is considered a biomechanical distraction. It requires the person doing this action to take the majority of their focus off the.

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Using easily controlled mechanical conditions (ie, slow gradual distraction of the O'Conner BT, Kenwright J. Measuring stiffness can define healing of tibial.

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“Driver distraction is the diversion of attention from activities critical for safe To be able to define, “ there are four basic types of distraction: visual distraction.

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Finally, a proposed, comprehensive definition for driver distraction is . distraction of an interface or device, such as the visual occlusion.

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Visual distraction occurs when a driver looks at anything other than the road ahead. Drivers who check the kids' seat belts while driving are visually distracted.

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distraction. II. VISUAL AND COGNITIVE DRIVING DISTRACTION. A. ATTENTION . Driving distraction is defined as a shift in attention away from.

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Define biomechanical. biomechanical synonyms, biomechanical pronunciation, biomechanical translation, English dictionary definition of biomechanical. n. 1.