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Its aim is to support in particular the incoming Year 7 students' transition from primary school to high school. Peer leaders in Year 10 work with small groups of .

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The Peer Support Program consists of leadership training for senior primary school This is the teacher who manages the Peer Support Program for the school.

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Compassionate leaders who serve with pride, commitment and courage. The Peer Support Leaders (PSLs) programme provides an alternative platform to.

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Peer Support Leaders. This is a private page viewable only by selected users. Copyright © CHIJ Secondary. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy · FAQ.

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Key elements of Peer Support in mental health include that it is built on The reach of peer-run services continues to grow nationwide, as does their need for that diagnosing people as mad has more to do with social control than therapy.

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As a Student Leader you will support and care for a small group of Year 9 students. You are not to do, check through these questions together. The process.

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Congratulations on becoming a Peer Leader for Fall ! We are The purpose of the Peer Leader program is to introduce an immediate support network for . DO. • Initiate and maintain regular contact with students in their FYS Being available: Even if a student does not need to seek you out, they see you as being a.

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Year 6 students have had a great time learning how to be an effective Peer Support Leader over the last two days. They have learned;.

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Recovery is the process of pursuing a contributing and fulfilling life regardless of the Peer Leadership/Peer Support/Peer Culture Definition and do recover, that people in recovery can provide vital support to each other in achieving long-.